Ask from AGC teacher Rachel Kelly:

Hey Friends! I’m really excited about sponsoring a new rock painting club at AG Cox this year (AGC Rocks…and yes, it has multiple meanings). This club is a great way to support the empathy and kindness initiatives we’ve started this year, as well as help students tap into their creative and artistic abilities. For more information, please see the club description at the bottom of this post.

Since I am starting this club new, I am in need of some items to get us going. If you’re interested in helping, please take a look at my Amazon wish list. I will also gladly accept donations of similar wish list items if you have a craft room or closet that you’d like to clean out. Thanks in advance for your support of this project!

P.S. If you know of any businesses in the Winterville area who might like to help support this project, please share the link to my wish list with them or let me know.

Club Description:

Students will have the opportunity to paint rocks with happy pictures and motivational words or phrases. Once we get enough rocks painted, we will hide them around town for citizens and visitors to find. We will add a hashtag (#AGCRocks) to each rock so that individuals who find the rocks can post a picture to social media before hiding the rock again. It is our hope that our rocks will help beautify our town, add a smile to the faces of the citizens and visitors who find them, and bring a feeling of unity to Winterville.

Amazon Wishlist