2023 Community Awards Winners

by | May 1, 2023 | Announcements, Community

On April 24th we got to honor and celebrate the winners of our 2023 Community Awards. These individuals and businesses were first nominated by and then voted for by our community for their hard work and dedication to our Town. This is what our “Slice of the Good Life” is made of!

Congratulations and thank you to each of these winners!

Thank you to Famiglia for the wonderful reception, Phoenix Sign Pros for the beautiful awards, and Amy Lima Photos for documenting the event for us!

Our Favorite New Business Award goes to a business that has made a big impact on the community in a short time. This year’s winner took in the most votes because they are serving up more than just deliciously sweet treats. Their mission is to help serve the needs of individuals with disabilities through employment, education  and community service. They promote the integration of those with intellectual disabilities into society by helping them become independent and evolve into working, contributing members of our community. Please help us congratulate Sweet Porpos Rolled Ice Cream and Bake Shop!

Favorite New Business winner Sweet Porpos Owners Talonny and Gloria Jinks with Winterville Chamber Board Member Saul Horowitz

Our Favorite Spot to Shop award is going to a business that has been a staple in our community for so long that most of us don’t know a time where they weren’t here. A true family owned business that has long been dedicated to our little Town. A business that has withstood economy changes and our Town’s evolution and growth over so many years that it’s easy to be confident that they will be our community’s favorite spot to shop for many more years to come. Congratulations to Plant and See Nursery!

Our Most Dedicated Public Servant award is going to an individual that has served in some capacity for the better part of 35 years. First with a long career as a Marine, then as a police officer. Those around him know him as someone with integrity, who earns the respect of others through his actions as well as words. We are grateful for the service he has provided to the Town of Winterville for the last 10 years. Thank you and congratulations to our Chief of Police, Ryan Willhite!

Winterville Chamber President Glenda White with Most Dedicated Public Servant winner Winterville Chief of Police Ryan Willhite

Our Teacher of the Year is going to someone who has spent the 16 years of their teaching career at the same school they love – Wintergreen Elementary. She is regarded by her colleagues as a teacher dedicated to helping each student with their individual needs, including by going above and beyond for her ESL students and by keeping her students’ parents informed and involved. When asking her principal for some notes on her, he easily pulled out a laundry list of parent messages, colleague notes, and achievements all speaking to her clear determination to leave a mark of good with each of the children that walks through her door. Because of this we are proud to congratulate Kourtney Payton!

Teacher of the Year winner Kourtney Payton with Winterville Chamber Ambassador Justin Sittig

Our Volunteer of the Year award is for an individual in the community that others have taken notice of their continuous determination to give back. Some would say that to truly serve others you must do so quietly, without recognition of the service. The person getting this award has always been the one who much preferred to be behind the scenes doing good, with no desire for recognition. But when JOY Community Center and Soup Kitchen was in need of someone on their board with business experience, she stepped up. Despite her efforts to never walk into the spotlight, the fire lit inside her to do everything possible to support this organization shines so bright it’s impossible not to take notice. Because of this selfless service we are proud to present this award to Kristina Tyson!

Volunteer of the Year Kristina Tyson with Joy Community Center and Soup Kitchen Executive Director Tom Quigley

Our Citizen of the Year Award was created to recognize a member of the community that embodies what a good neighbor, caring citizen, and reliable friend should be. This year’s recipient has been fulfilling those roles his whole life. He has become known as someone who will always step up to assist others, constantly be a cheerleader and supporter of those around him, and never has an unkind word to say about anyone. Throughout our Town he is always spoken highly of for these reasons and so much more. We are especially proud to honor someone who is quite possibly the most reliable citizen around, Alton Wadford!

Winterville Chamber President Glenda White with Citizen of the Year winner Alton Wadford and Executive Director Rebecca Caveness

Our Business of the Year award is going to a business that has swept our little Town up in their charm so quickly and effectively it’s easy to forget they’ve only been around for a little over a year. With business owners that are both creative visionaries as well as thoughtful community members, it’s clear why they have earned this success. They easily turn the customers that walk in their door into friends and proponents of their business by filling our stomachs with delicious and original food in an environment designed to feed our souls. They have contributed greatly to this Slice of a Good Life we have here. We are so happy to give this award to Meating Ground Cafe!

Business of the Year winner Meating Ground Cafe owners Eric Pooley, Matt Cole, Shaina Cole, with Executive Director Rebecca Caveness