Chamber Business Tips #1

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Know Your “Why”
If the market your business is in is especially saturated, what is it that makes customers come to you? You can (and should) strive to make it your unbeatable prices and great customer service—but what’s the something that really sets you apart from others?
Your “why”.
Why you do what you do is the thing that will have your customers invested in you. Make your “why” part of your marketing strategy and you’ll develop relationships with customers that keep them coming back.

One of the simplest, yet effective ways to have your potential customers learn this is by getting out in the community and introducing yourself. Make people know your name – associated with your business of course – and they will feel more connected to you. By feeling like they know you in some way, they will choose you first almost every time.
Some examples of ways you can make this happen:
– Volunteer in your community
– Get involved in business leads groups
– Host booths and pop-up markets
– Host community events at your business
Challenge yourself to always introduce yourself along with your business and title, and freely share with people your passion for what you do. Not only will your business grow as a result, but you will also find yourself making personal connections along the way.