Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Winterville Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program

Winterville Chamber Mission: To unite our businesses and organizations that we serve in order to make a greater impact on the overall quality of life in Winterville

Ambassador Mission: to raise the awareness of the benefits of the Chamber in order to increase membership and retention.



  • To encourage member participation in membership benefits and programs
  • To check in with Chamber members needs’ so the Chamber can better assist them
  • To promote the Winterville Chamber to new businesses and help them understand benefits
  • To create an environment of inclusivity within the Chamber – members supporting members
  • To facilitate networking amongst members


Ambassador Requirements:

  • Must be either a Winterville Chamber member or student at ECU or PCC
  • Must have the community’s best interests at heart
  • Must be willing and able to attend monthly meetings to report on progress and goals
  • Must be a team player with a desire to assist others
  • Must make a commitment to see the program through from January to November
  • Must conduct yourself in a respectful and supportive manner at all times.
  • Must commit to attending as many Chamber functions as reasonably able


Community Involvement:

Ambassadors are highly-visible and respected members of the Winterville business community. As such, their words and actions often have greater consequences than they realize. Ambassadors should refrain from making public statements (including on social media) that could be interpreted as harshly critical of area businesses (whether those businesses are members of the Chamber or not). At all times, Ambassadors should aspire to promote area businesses, and provide them with the positive support they need to be successful. However, if an Ambassador has a negative experience with an area business that needs correction, the Ambassador is strongly encouraged to consult with the Chamber Board to determine how Chamber resources could be used to communicate suggestions for improvement.


Ambassador Benefits:

  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Recognition on
  • Volunteer experience and credibility
  • Increased visibility within the community
  • Gain leadership, communication, and team-working skills 


Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • To call, visit, and act as hosts to assigned members and to facilitate networking with these members at monthly events.
  • To educate and inform assigned members on Chamber benefits, events, initiatives, programs, and services. 
  • To get assigned members engaged in Chamber programs and events.
  • To advise staff on issues affecting members, and to offer guidance on how the Chamber can assist members with optimizing their experience.
  • To assist the Chamber with member recruitment and retention


Ambassador Program Structure:

The Ambassador Program shall be comprised of 20 members. 10 PCC or ECU students and 10 Chamber members.

The Chairperson of the Ambassador Program shall be either on the Chamber Board or a Senior Chamber Member (member more than 5 years).

The Vice Chair shall be an Ambassador that displays the talent, drive, and leadership skills necessary to help guide others in the program.

The program shall run from January to November. Applications may be submitted year round.